How running affects my life (Part 3)



Okay this post will be the last part out of three.

Instead of continue working after 5.30pm just to avoid traffic jam, I kill my time by walking or running around Putrajaya. If DN and I do not feel like running, we would walk and chat. I am lucky that DN is a wise, knowledgeable and respectful lady and I appreciate her advice, be it about life, work, gardening, pets, parenting and health. In a way, I feel like a heavy burden on my shoulder being lift off and I am less stressed nowadays.

I  learn to love and appreciate myself. I learn how to manage my time and to have balance life. My children are the happiest though. I become more flexible (but still strict) mother at home. To my surprise, my children start to share their thoughts with me. Less yelling, more talking at home now. Awesome yeah?

How about my husband my our marriage life? Improved. A lot. It turns out my husband loves to see how I love running and putting my effort into it. He loves watching positive changes in my life and what a better person I am now. Somehow running is a therapy which works well (very well) for me.


So, do you still think running is tiring? Think again and RUN.


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