How running affects my life (Part 2)

When I first started running, I thought it would be seasonal or just a temporary craze. But no, I realised I was actually into it! The first week I ran, I came home and looking forward to sleeping as soon as possible that I even skipped dinner. I could not even open my eyes when the clock past 9pm. Hahaha this is a confession of running noob here!

Luckily, my husband; being understanding, bought dinner for our children. Of course he bought fried chicken because Adam Dzikri and Aisyah Tihani would never say NO to fried chicken. Ahha, too bad their mommy was drained physically.

After 2 weeks, I noticed that my body started adapting to my running routine. I ran (or walked), yet I still have had some more energy left with me after coming home. I could even cook dinner for my family! Eh, cool yeah?

So I decided to register myself in my very first running event; “Walk for Humanity 2016″and I actually asked my sister to run with me. It so happened that the event was held nearby my house. To my surprise, Shah Alam is considered as favourite running venue other than Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur. So I walked-ran-walked-ran a little with my sister, and it felt so good to see some familiar SHAKLEE faces participated in the event too.



My 1st running medal. Yeay!

I was happy and satisfied at the same time. I told myself, “This is my first run, and definitely won’t be the last one”. I shall write some more, chiao!


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