How running affects my life (Part 1)

2016 was my adventurous year, I would say. There were a lot of new things I learned and experienced. A year when I decided to slow down and to look back. To reorder my priority in life. I did take sometimes to do it but hey, it’s my life right?

I challenged myself to get active. Since I didn’t know how to play any sports or games, I decided to start with the cheapest and the easiest; by walking.

I started walking near my office after working hours. At first, I walked 5km around the reservoir (a lake, may be?) nearby. It took me exactly 1 hour to complete 1 round. Thanks to my walking buddy DN, she never complained. Instead, DN motivated my by walking even faster, leaving me panting behind. Yes, 5km walk for a non athlete like me was HUGE achievement, okay?


View of my favourite running spot from where I usually park my car

After a while, 5km walk felt easy. Then, I started  running. Err, walk-run-walk-run actually. I did not care about my pace or speed, my concern was how long I took to complete 1 round around the lake because — the earlier I finished, the earlier I could reach home sweet home to see my children.

Haha, simple aite? Afterall, I’m still a mother.


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