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Shah Alam Night Run 2017

My first running event for 2017. Somehow I managed to ‘force’ my sister to run with me that night. There were two distances; half marathon (HM) and 10km. Of course we both registered for 10km. I don’t think anyone of us are mentally and physically prepared for HM. 10km will be our further distance for now.

Shah Alam Night Run 2017 or Shah Alam Half Marathon 2017 was held at my favourite running spot, Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam. HM flag off was scheduled at 12 midnight 26th February 2016 and 10km runners will be released at 1am.

So I put my children to sleep, and at 11pm I picked up my sister and drove to the running venue which was like 2 minutes from home? Hahaha yeah. There were many cars parked along the streets and finally we found one good spot to park. To tell you the truth, if I were to walk from home to where I parked my car, I don’t even sweat because it was near home.



We reached flag off (FO) point and HM runners FO at 12.30am. So 10km runners slowly step forward and wait for our FO which was scheduled at 1am. At 12.45am, sudden rain poured on us! We were soaking wet while standing and waiting at FO point. I could not imagine how HM runner ran in heavy rain. Luckily, the rain was heavy and quick. At 1am, we were released to run and thank God it felt good to run in such a cool and windy night.

I tried to run abreast with my sister so that I would not lose her; since this run was her first 10km run. However at 6km, I could not wait any longer. I feel more energised and increased my pace and after a while, I believed I left my sister at the back. Yeah, talking about being a good sister, but hey she is 34 years old this year.

I reached finishing line after about 1 hour 50 minutes run. It was satisfying though, since I have not practised for about 2 months due to my work commitment. Then, met my ex roommate at university, Nuurill after run. I did not remember how long we have not seen each other. Perhaps, more than 5 years? We sat not far from medal collection point and talked and talked while waiting for my sister to arrive. I remember we used to jog every Saturday morning around our university but of course at times I skipped, just to continue my so precious beauty sleep. Hehehe

At about 3am my sister came, she was smiling. Perhaps she saw how chatty we were. Since it was already later, so three of us slowly made a move to our cars. Luckily Nuuril parked her car not far from mine, so we headed to our cars while chatting and complaining about our weight and somehow blame it to the kampung appetite we are having lately.


Before we parted and said goodbye, we pledged to run together, eat right and exercise well to reach 50kg by end of this year (2017).

See you in next running event Nuurill darl!


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