Larian Kemanusiaan GEMS 2016


Ran my last run this year. As usual, with my sister at our favourite running venue; Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam (DKSA). Why do we love this place so much? The reason is DKSA is just a stone away from our houses (we live nearby). In fact, we could actually walk to DKSA to warm up our body before run but hell no, of course we would drive to parking area in our beloved Blue Mosque compound.

Before I went out, I fixed special energy drink of SHAKLEE Performance Drink + Vivix + Cinch Energy Tea Mix mixture plus a few drops of maple syrup for sweet smoky taste to keep me hydrated and energised along the run. Yummy and healthy!

And what happened today was we were actually late for the run! As we walked towards the starting point, we could see people started running. So we waited no more, and started running as fast as we could. Luckily, this time we decided to let our babies sleep longer today at home otherwise, I could not imagine how frantic two late running moms with toddlers and strollers trying to catch up the crowd in front of us. Pheww! He knows better.

So we ran-walked-ran happily, and this time 5km route was different from previous running events! It was actually our daily route to city centre by car, but somehow it felt good enjoying the same scenery by foot.


Larian Kemanusiaan GEMS 2016 – medal and certificate



Running sisters after run @ Larian Kemanusiaan GEMS 2016



Moi! Me and medal of Larian Kemanusiaan GEMS 2016

All I could say, after attending several running events organised by Selangor State, this one is surely the best. Medal, refreshment and certificate collection booths were arranged systematically. There were 2 separate lanes; one for 5km medal and refreshment collection lane and another one was for 12km. There were also unlimited supply of drinking water and isotonic drinks.

Met an ATC fella, lil bro RV after run when I saw his selfie in my FB newsfeed and of course we took picture together.

So, 2017 – where to run next?


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