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gla complex

one of the most popular supplements is shaklee gla complex. g-l-a stands forgamma linolenic acid’ is a kind of omega-6 fatty acid extracted from borage, which contains two times gla than in evening primrose oil (epo).

the functions of gla is to form prostaglandins: potent, hormone-like substances that help the body to regulate many normal bodily processes.  gla also contains vitamin E (15 IU).

MAL 07021517XC
60 capsules/60 servings

each capsule contains more than 300mg of gla which is the best source of omega-6. it is combined with sunflower oil and vitamin E to increase its potency and stability.

Key Benefits:
-regulates hormones in men and women
-improves pms symptoms
-improves menopause conditions
-improves prostate problems
-improves men’s frequent urination problems
-fights cancer
-reduces skin inflammation
-relieves pain and swelling caused by rheumatoid arthritis
-lower blood sugar
-relieves numbness and aches caused by high blood sugar
-effective for diabetes during pregnancy and old age

-lower ldl cholesterol
-prevents weight gain
-suppresses stomach hyperacidity
-prevents blood clot
-stimulates blood circulation
-prevents and improves high blood pressure
-prevents heart problems
-improves dry hair and hair loss conditions
-beneficial for children with autism, hyperactive and difficulty in study

a bottle of shaklee gla complex could last up to 2 months and reasonably affordable. no wonder my loyal customers love gla complex so much! CLICK HERE to order.

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